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Imagination Design Group, P.A. provides a wide variety of architectural services from the standard architectural design to a more specific architectural task such as design development, construction documents and code consulting. In partnering with us, clients have relied on our expertise, human resources and technological knowledge for successful achievement on their projects. Please visit the “contact us” section on this web site for a list of our client history.

Imagination Design specializes in but not limited to high end custom single family residential projects, low rise and high rise multifamily condominiums, industrial warehouses, and commercial office buildings. Visit our “portfolio” section on this web site for samples of our projects.

We utilize the latest in software and hardware technologies while taking advantage of BIM technologies to develop our projects. We have partnered with structural and MEP engineers that share our BIM models to deliver a full A/E package when required by our clients. BIM technology allows your designs to be explored from 3D perspective in order to anticipate viewing much of the problems that are normally overlooked with traditional methods. These techniques allow delivery of more coordinate set of plans with less errors and omissions, within a shorter period of time.
Our clients not only value our services for the quality and expertise they receive, but also find the results a viable alternative to high overhead cost of in-house personnel.